Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Yallfest, Salon du Livre de Montréal and more...

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all doing great! I, for myself, am doing okay. I'm quite busy with my job. I've been at it for over two months now and I'm starting to get the hang of it. So hopefully, my mind will relax soon again to allow me time to review properly.

I'm in a reading slump too. I'm trying to get into different books and it's not working. I don't blame the books, I just blame my mind state that won't allow me to enter a book story.

So on November 11 and 12, I was at Yallfest with my friend Nancy. We drove to Virginia on Thursday night (which was approximately 12 hours) and drove the rest the next morning to reach Charleston (another 5-6 hours).

We were meeting with other quebecer friends like Sophie, Stéphanie, Aude and Max who drove in a seperate car and decided to drive the whole day and night to reach Charleston. I also got to meet with Kelly, Damaris and Justin which I was really happy to see again especially since I hadn't seen Kelly since last year and even then, that had been a quick encounter. Met new friends like Christy and Dallas. That weekend was epic and I want to thank everyone who helped making this event so awesome. You can check out some of the pics that I took on my instagram. Some are still be added though.

Then, this weekend was Le Salon du Livre de Montréal which you will guess was in Montreal and I went there Friday night and Sunday witch my best friend Sonya and her niece Katherine. It was awesome too. Met a lot of authors, met some new authors and I had a blast just walking around and seeing so many books, so many authors and so many people. I was tired at the end of it all, but it was quite awesome. Pictures are posted on my instagram and again, more will be added sometime this week.

So besides these two book events, I should be having more time for myself and work more on the blog, so I'll try to get back on track. I'm really enjoying my blog and I don't want to let it disappear so hopefully, it won't happen.

Also, if you follow my instagram account (@julaliciousbookparadise), you will see that there is a giveaway this month. Right now, I'm up to 2 winners who will the book of their choice with a max value of 20$. I promised if I reached 500 followers, a new winner would be added. So check it out if you haven't participated. It's open to everywhere Book Depository delivers.

A new giveaway will be done via my instagram and will unfortunately be open to residents of Canada and US only. Why? Because the book I'm giving away is an extra copy I got and since the shipping can be quite expensive. If you live outside these two countries and are willing to pay for the shipping, that can be done. All the details will come in December.

So that's pretty much sums up everything. I hope you guys are having better luck in your reading and I hope to bring more to my blog really soon! :)

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