Monday, October 10, 2016

Why am I not that active lately?

Hey Everyone!

So lately, I haven't been that active on here. I did the release day posts, the excerpt reveal or review posts that I had signed up to do, but other than that, I was pretty much inactive and I want to apologize.

I will admit that I am in a reading slump. I haven't read much and even if the books are really interesting, I can't get my mind to focus on them.

I received an eARC today and I actually read the first 30% of the book quickly which gives me high hope that my slump may be coming to an end.

Also, I started a new job which I tried to put all of my concentration to learn everything about it. It may be temporary, but I do want my job to be done correctly, so maybe that is one of the reasons I couldn't focus on my reading.

But I will try to get back on track with Monday's book hauls (which I do have a few to add) and my Thursday's On My Wish List, etc.

And let's not forget my reviews that I will admit that I'm really far behind.

So please bare with me. I'll try to be more active as fast I can.

Also, if you do follow these posts from my facebook page, I did mention a contest was in the work. I can't pinpoint a date for it yet. I was hoping that it could be done by the end of this month, but I can't be sure it will be possible. But hopefully, I can do it in November.

So that pretty much sums it up and congratulations if you didn't fall asleep while reading all of this. ;)

Lots of love,

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