Monday, October 10, 2016

My New Obsession: Pop Funko Vinyl

So my number one obsession will always be books I believe, but lately, I started obsessing about something new... POP FUNKO VINYL.

It started when I received my Owlcrate box of July and in it, there was a Pop from Harry Potter. I received a Dementor and I won't lie, I was hoping to get either Draco or Luna or Dobby, but I guess I wasn't that lucky.

At first, I tried not to fall into this because I know how many there are and I knew I would want them all, but I entered the Hot Topic in Ottawa and found the Friends Pop funko and I was done.

From that moment, I tried to complete the series of the Pop I gotten so far. So, in 4 months, I got from 1 Pop to 34 pops, most of them being from the Harry Potter.

So in this obsession, you can easily tell what I like: Harry Potter, Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, Supernatural and Johnny Depp.

I would love to finish the Harry Potter collection, but I am missing so many and they are adding more to the list... I guess it will never end lol

And I hope that they will add more vampires and wolves from the Twilight collection too.

So what are some your obsessions?

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