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Recap: Book Event (Apollycon 2016) - Part 1

RECAP: Apollycon 2016 - Part 1


I started writing this a few days after Apollycon, but I never got around to finish it and let's face it, it's been over 3 months and my memory isn't that perfect so I'm going to make really a big summary of everything. I love talking about each author I met but right now I'll just make a few sentences for each of them. I apologize in advance that I won't go into detail like usually. :( (for better or worse, its up to you lol)

I still had to do it in two parts, so for PART TWO, you just need to go there.

Leaving Canada for the States

So Friday morning, my friend Nancy, my partner of book events really, and I left my sister's house to catch our plane at Ottawa's airport. It was really cold and for about two minutes, I regretted leaving my winter coat in my car since we wouldn't need it in Savannah.

So I'm going to spare you the recap of my second experience of flying except to show you the difference between leaving Ottawa and arriving at the Dulles Airport in Washington.

I really preferred the weather where we were heading. :)

Arriving at the Hotel in Savannah

So after that, we got at the hotel and the first thing we did was go to Registration so we got all of our VIR stuff and get our tickets for the ticketed authors. Met with Damaris who was helping organizing the event and talked a little bit with her before heading towards the bookstore to buy our books.

I was supposed only two buy a few books; not more than 3, but I ended up buying novellas by Laura Kaye and a book by Nichole Chase. Nichole's book had been on my mind and my friend was buying her books and I asked her if they were really good and when she told me yes, I decided to buy only the first one. On instagram, I say she convinced me, but I really didn't need conving and my bank account was probably agreeing with my friend telling me: YOU DON'T HAVE MORE MONEY TO SPEND ON BOOKS! hahaha

After we got our room, we went up to relax a bit, checked out our luggages to make sure our books were okay (yes, I did do that).

Friday Night's Greet & Meet

On Friday night, there was the meet and greet. I will admit that as much as I was excited for it, I was really close to just want to lay down in the hotel's bed and sleep, but missing this was out of the question.

When we got in, I was at lost at how all of it worked. Some authors were seated and others were standing talking among each other, so Nancy and I decided to head to Jennifer L. Armentrout who was with Drew Leighty (cover model for Seth in the Titan series) and Pepe Toth (cover model for Daemon in the Lux series). I talked mostly with Jen and Drew when they both noticed the cover of my cellphone which is Liam Payne from One Direction and Jen admitted that she was mostly a Zayn girl and Drew told us how his son loves them and always make him sing Little Things. Unfortunately, I didn't think of asking him to sing it to record it, but I'll try to remember the next time I see him :) Pepe was really nice, but he mostly talked with my friend Nancy about sports.

When it came for the pictures, I asked for two. One next to Pepe and one next to Drew and Jen was like: "She knows what she wants. She wants both." 

Can you actually blame me? ;)

After that, we went around trying to talk to as many authors as we could and taking pictures with. I was really happy that I finally got my picture with Sophie Jordan and got to talk to her more than just online. Last time, I didn't get my picture taken with her so I had to change that this time.

 And seeing Rachel Harris again was awesome because she has such a bubbly personality and she's one of the sweetest person ever.

You also need to meet once in your lifetime Jay Crownover. She will win you over with her incredible personality. Melissa Shank was also with Jay and I hate myself for not even taking a picture with her. I need to change that at the next Apollycon.

Meeting Addam Bramich (actor to play Cage York in the upcoming movie based on Abbi Glines' book While It Lasts), Abbi Glines and Kami Garcia again was awesome. I had met the first two at Bookcon in May 2015 and I met Kami a few times at Yallfest and once in Montreal. They were all so nice and were really chatty which we were quite happy about.

Meeting Katie McGarry again. I had seen her at the last Apollycon, but I also saw her at Yallfest so I was quite happy to see her again. She is a really nice woman even if we didn't get to talk much that night.

Cora Carmack. God I love stalking that woman. She is such a sweet person and I just adore her. Plus, she has a cat so you can't go wrong with her. I mean, she loves CATS!! hahaha

We also went to see K.A. Tucker. I have some of her books, but I have yet to read them. This is on my to-do list of 2016. She is really a nice woman and Nancy and her had a lot of fun talking.

Do I look like a giant next to Wendy Higgins? I really feel like I am with the way I'm standing next to her. She has the cutest voice ever which seems to fit her completely.

Seeing Sarah J. Maas was hard since she had her own fanclub around her, but we finally got to her and I finally got to talk with her a little bit to tell her I love her books. Each time I was at a same event as her, one of my friends usually got my books signed so I never really met her to tell her this before.

We went to see Jen McLaughlin at the end of the night. Right now, I can tell you for sure that I am jealous of that woman for all the cuties she met and posted on Instagram, but she is also so sweet that I will forgive her hahaha

This is still long, but really I try to cut most of it to make it more general. Hopefully, you are ready for the next part because this concludes PART 1

The PART 2 will be about the Saturday's signing and party.

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