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Review: Confessions... The Murder of an Angel by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Confessions, #4)

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The first time was an accident…

After facing loss, destruction, and unspeakable pain, Tandy Angel is ready to restart her life in New York City as the privileged schoolgirl she once was.

The second was just her imagination…

But as she fights to escape her insidious family legacy, a series of perilous incidents makes Tandy fear for her life—though everyone else believes her fragile mind is about to snap.

The third had to be a coincidence…

Is someone really out to kill her? Which of her many enemies is responsible? Or have all the monstrous things Tandy’s seen finally driven her to the brink of madness?

No one will believe she’s in danger…until it’s too late.

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I had forgotten how this series is such an easy read. I read this book in an afternoon at work while there wasn’t much to do. As much as I have enjoyed this book, I will say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first books of the series. Okay, let’s say the first two books got my attention a lot more than the last two, but there were still good; just not as good as the first ones.

So in the final book of the series, Tandy continues her path to end once and for all the family’s company but everything just seems in her way. People thinking she’s crazy, her doubts about who to trust and who not to trust, her family in danger and so many other obstacles will obscure her chances of getting what she wants.

At some point, we even wonder if the trauma of what happened to her and her family didn’t make her crazy, but I still liked her character because even if she is more emotional now, she still has this brilliant mind.

I also feel like her family was less present than in the other books even if they were there. I don’t know if it’s because I feel like there were less communications between them or what, but I didn’t feel their presence as much which is a shame because I really liked them; even Matty who had a lot to deal with too in this book.

Some characters I wouldn’t have mind never seeing again because I just feel like they didn’t bring anything to the story. I just found them annoying for the few times they were there.

The whole book went really quickly and I feel like a lot was left out of it, but even if the ending is somewhat predictable, I still liked to see how all of it came together at the end. Some of it like I said was predictable, but other stuff still surprised me a little.

I will admit that I wouldn’t mind another book to see a bit more about this family and how they deal with everything in the aftermath of what they learned; of what they dealt with. I’d like to read more about the infamous sister Katherine that I still feel like we didn’t learn much about her throughout this book. I felt like the authors tried to end this book too quickly because it leaves us wondering more about what happened to her more than it satisfies our curiosity. So much could have been said to shed some light on her situation, but they didn’t and that’s why I would love a novella.

This book might give us some answers that we have been looking for, but I still have a lot of questions on my mind that would like to know the answers to.

So overall, I found this book enjoyable, but still feel like this book was rushed and it could have lasted a few more pages if only to give us readers the impression that everything was answered.

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