Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Update

So I wasn't on much and there isn't a lot that's happening lately on my blog, but I'll try to change that soon.

Working on a few posts for two of the book events I attended (Yallfest and Salon du Livre de Montréal) and I'm telling you that they might be quite long so be prepared if you are interested in reading them).

Tonight, I'll try to upload a new book haul and it's probably going to be one of the last book hauls for this year. I need to save some money for books I want to buy for the Apollycon next year.

A while back, I talked about doing a giveaway and it's still on, I just need time to do it properly. I don't want to promise something and then, half of that promise isn't done, so please bare with me.

And on top of that, I really want to work on some reviews. I'm kind of behind with them and I need to be more up-to-date.

I'm also thinking about maybe adding one of two people who would like to share their love of books and reviews, etc. It would probably mean more posts, more books and more opinions of different books.

So that's all for now.:)

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